Ultimate N7000 JellyBean ROM XXLSA

Hello everyone!

[ROM][4.1.2 JB]Ultimate N7000 XXLSA JellyBean 4.1.2 v5 | OTA Available

The new XXLSA Firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) is finally out.
Soft Themed ROM with a lot of features, mods, fix and addons!

All info below!

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Version 5 is OUT!
New Leaked XXLSA!

Download Link v5:

Mirror 1

Ultimate N7000 XXLSA JellyBean 4.1.2 v5 – Sourceforge

Mirror 2

Ultimate N7000 XXLSA JellyBean 4.1.2 v5 – Thanks to Bangsti for Mirror

Mirror 3

Ultimate N7000 XXLSA JellyBean 4.1.2 v5 – Thanks to Bangsti for Mirror



How to Flash v5 Video here!

Thanks to hamdogg

OTA Updates (Fix, Mods, Apps and more)!

Just open UpdateMe into your v5 ROM and you will find section for:
  • Applications
  • Fix and Mods
  • Kernels
  • Modems
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers

OTA Updates v5: [UPDATED 28/11/2012]

  • Added flashable MOD Script Tweaks to increase performance and battery life
  • Added new PhilZ 3.71 kernel on Kernels Section
  • Added Fix for Mass Storage to MTP method USB connection
  • Added Screenshot S Pen Fix to avoid crash while taking screenshots with S Pen
  • Added Multiwindow Hack and CRT Fix All in One
  • Added Lockscreen tooltip Toggle OFF Fix
  • Added fixed SystemUI Cyan on Themes Section
  • Added Stock SystemUI to revert it to stock look
  • Added new 3.65 PhilZ kernel on Kernels Section

New Changelog v5: [UPDATED 23/11/2012]

  • ROM Based on NEW leaked XXLSA Firmware
  • NEW Philz Safe Kernel 3.6.1 for XXLSA and New CWM Touch
  • NEW Modem XXLSA
  • Updates Over The Air – OTA UpdateMe added on Settings
  • Jelly Bean 4.1.2
  • SuperSU Added
  • Fully Rooted
  • Fully Zipaligned
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Added some more Build.prop tweaks for better optimization, battery life, 3G signal and network, camera, media and more…
  • Fixed CRT OFF fully working on new services.jar for XXLSA
  • Fixed 4 Way Reboot Options for new XXLSA (just long press power button and decide what you want to do)
  • SystemUI Soft Themed
  • Added SmartRotation in Settings
  • Fully working Lockscreen Shortcuts
  • Notification Panel into Settings with possibility to change Toggles order
  • Call Recording Fix added
  • Multiwindow Hack is available for unlimited apps
  • Popup Browser
  • SNote is finally working also with productivity tools
  • Airview general and in gallery fixed
  • Added S-Voice
  • Added new Android 4.2 keyboard
  • Added GMail 4.2
  • Added new Android 4.2 Camera Photosphere with new 4.2 Gallery
  • Added GL to SD to move huge apps or games to external SD
  • Added Solid Browser as file manager
  • Added CPUSpy
  • Some init.d optimizations included
  • …and more to come!

How to flash:

Nandroid Backup before flash is highly recommended!

  • Load *.zip on your SD/EXT Card
  • Restart in CWMR
  • Be sure you’re on SAFE KERNEL, then you can wipe
  • Full wipe /data/factory reset /cache and dalvik
  • Flash the ROM
  • Wait some minute until your phone boot!

For people who have Unrooted phone and ICS 4.0.4:

I can show an easy way to flash it.

Just download GL_NOTECORE_HYDRACORE_v4-3b_STD.tar

  • Flash it with Odin 1.85, (Click PDA, choose hydracore and press Start)
  • After this you will have Root on your phone. Restart it and check if Hydracore Kernel is correctly installed.
  • Now you can go into CWM and flash the Rom.

(to go in recovery press Volume UP + Power Button + Home Button at same time until the phone is booted into CWM)

The kernel you’re flashing before installing Rom doesn’t matter since with v4 will be replaced by PhilZ 3.1 for XXLS7

…That’s all!

Screenshots Here!

New Ultimate v5 Video here!

Thanks to hamdogg

Videos Here!

Thanks to hamdogg

That’s all.

All feedback are appreciated.

If you like my work you can offer me a beer!


Thanks to
hamdogg for Videos
Philz for his Safe Kernel
Reqdi for Leaked files
eybee1970 for Dump
Bangsti for Mirrors
Goldieking and Robbie
majdinj for 14 toggles
raj_ch2002 for 240dpi modified APK (for XXLS2)

Official XDA Thread!

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  • Vikas

    how to flash coming from v4?

    • iGeekHD

      Instructions on my post :)
      Anyway you only need to full wipe: factory data reset, cache and dalvik

  • MDB

    How I can add Arabic

  • Radu

    I’m not able any more to use the styllus … on my keyboard (default one) I do not have any more the possibility to switch from letters to handwritting (instead of handwritting there is now Clipboard). Culd you please help me with this?
    Many thanks.

  • Joseph Mohar

    a had problems after flashing SystemUI Stock Green XXLSA v5 the phon didnt reboot
    and i had to restore my backup!!! any how the rom is wonderfull

    • http://www.facebook.com/vernal.scott.5 Vernal Scott

      Same happened to me. Thank goodness for back up files.

  • Jack

    The multi window not working.when airview the gallery using spen,within the few second the it crash.i flashed fix mod in updatedme but my note wont start n stuck.

  • Bledi

    camera 4.2 stops responding when trying to save recorded video.

    • iGeekHD

      This is a known issue. For video you need to use stock camera.

      • Bledi

        stock camera has a very low quality when recording in 1080p :(

      • http://www.facebook.com/khem.khemarak Khem Khemarak

        How to delete camera 4.2 ? I can not find it


    How I can add Language Arabic???

  • acarist

    i flash multiwindow hack fix and phone doesnt open.

    • iGeekHD

      Try to reflash it and wipe dalvik and cache! It should work. I always try everything before upload on UpdateMe OTA :)

  • Al

    I have the same issue with multihack. Once flashed the phone will not re boot….just hangs at logo screen…. so i did full wipe and cache and flashed v5 again……….awaiting outcome :)

    • iGeekHD

      As I said on the comment below! :)

      • Al

        Many thanks….. now working fine :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/1bertox Carlos Humberto

    who are using the ULTIMATE V5, under any circumstances use the video mode of the camera’s new JB that this rom.

    it simply crashes the entire device and not turn over after the restart.

    I had to format my phone to 2.3.5 to give a Fullwip and clean the whole system.

    I enjoyed the v5, JB was one of the best we’ve tested, however this camera Bug pissed me off!

  • Arthur

    how to restore that animation when the screen locks like a tv off?

  • matt

    flashed multiwindow hack (after wipe cache & dalvik) but still does not work.

  • ninehneh

    i’ve flashed this rom but upon starting it’s asking for a password in german??

  • אילן איפרגן

    Hi, could you add Hebrew language please ?

    • Joseph Mohar

      install a.i. type keyboard and in set up you will find hebrew (scroll down) mark it

      and switch to this keyboard

      • אילן איפרגן

        Thank you! but, i realy love this rom and i wanted to ask if there is a way to expose the hebrew language in this androis version. i want to use hebrew local..

  • Dieutonio


    Thank you very much for this ROM runs very well and or battery life is much less fragile :-) This only problem I encounter is a FC when I go to “Notifications panel”. Maybe the problem is encountered among several users of this ROM and a solution “patch” is applicable but I have to go through the translator for you to pass this information, my English is very limited;-)So it is difficult to follow in English everything written because Google does not translate necessarily pages well :-)

  • iGeekHD

    UPDATED Post! :)
    Check it out!

  • Guest

    It would be useful to have more toggles in the fututre e.g flight mode, flashlight etc.
    Learning Hub crashes, otherwise a great ROM – the best so far and highly recommended!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vernal.scott.5 Vernal Scott

    It would be useful to have more toggles in the future e.g flight mode, flashlight etc.
    Learning Hub crashes, otherwise a great ROM – the best so far and highly recommended!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mario.amorim.71 Mário Amorim

    Hi, the crt off after applying the fix, not fully working. Some solution? I’ve applied wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache and nothing. :”( Heeeeelllllp!

  • ovi g

    same thing here, crt not fully working. it works only when it chooses to

  • artcosta

    Very good Rom. Stable and fast. I try the other ones but this is the best. Good work.

  • gurnay

    I need to know as I can qualify cifs remote, I installed kernel phil and the ROM v5

  • paul mc mahon

    had this rom running on my SGN N7000 phone for 4 days ran fine then it quit ??? would not get past start screen where it says samsung galaxy note n7000 then nothing at all had to restore backup i made good job i did .

  • Kan9al

    v5 is so much worse than v4.

    In v5 I got both camera and gallery apps and both work without fc. In v4 they would fc often and sphero wouldnt even work.

    But in v4, battery life was much much MUCH better.
    It would charge faster.
    And splitscreen on MultiWindow would work (v5 only fullscreened them).

    Factory reset through rom, all cache cleared, all folders formatted, clean install from extSD.
    Is there a fix ?
    Maybe a v6 coming soon to address these new issues?

  • Bledi

    Cant flash anything :(

  • ovi g

    yes, crt-off working after the new fix most of the times(more than 90%). at least it doesn’t turn on the screen after having it locked like it used to do before. thanks

  • Sokhemarak

    When you have updated your rom, Do I need to redownload your rom again?

  • http://twitter.com/Wagner_L Wagner Lopes

    Hi all! i have a question, that download link includes all updates due 28/11?

    best regards!

  • http://twitter.com/Wagner_L Wagner Lopes

    Hi All, this download have the lastest updates?

  • http://twitter.com/Wagner_L Wagner Lopes

    hi again, how i know the version of kernel i have?

  • Bledi

    Internal storage is write protected,cant flash anything,superuser update binary fail.

  • andnote

    nno inkeffect after flashing from update me.how to get..

  • http://www.facebook.com/asaf.shay.54 Asaf Shay

    in the rom xxlsa i saw that there is new option that allow moving games data to external sd it call “gl to sd”i didint find a way to return the files if i regretis there such option ? (to return back)