Ultimate N7000 JellyBean ROM XXLSZ

Hello everyone!

[ROM][4.1.2 JB]Ultimate N7000 XXLSZ JellyBean 4.1.2 v5.2 | OTA Available

The new XXLSZ Firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) is finally out.
Soft Themed ROM with a lot of features, mods, fix and addons!
Just read the new Changelog below!

All info below!

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Version 5.2 is OUT!

[Android ROM Download] Link v5.2:

Mirror 1

Ultimate N7000 XXLSZ JellyBean 4.1.2 v5.2 – Sourceforge



OTA Updates (Fix, Mods, Apps and more)!

Just open UpdateMe into your v5.2 ROM and you will find section for:
  • Applications
  • Fix and Mods
  • Kernels
  • Modems
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers

OTA Updates v5.2: [UPDATED 23/02/2013]

  • Nothing yet.

New Changelog v5.2: [UPDATED 23/02/2013]

  • ROM Based on NEW XXLSZ Firmware
  • NEW Philz Safe Kernel 4.63 for XXLSZ with CWM Touch and exFAT Support
  • NEW Modem XXLSO
  • Updates Over The Air – OTA UpdateMe added on Settings
  • Jelly Bean 4.1.2
  • SuperSU Added
  • Fully Rooted
  • Fully Zipaligned
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Deleted some useless apps
  • Added and fixed some more Build.prop tweaks for better optimization, battery life, 3G signal and network, camera, media and more…
  • Added some more init.d optimizations
  • Switched to MTP instead of Mass Storage, you can also use Mass Storage
  • Fixed CRT OFF and fully working on XXLSZ
  • Ultimate 4 Way Reboot Options for XXLSZ (just long press power button and decide what you want to do)
  • SystemUI Soft Themed with semi transparent notification drawer background and cyan circle battery
  • Fully working Lockscreen Shortcuts (thanks to eybee1970)
  • Notification Panel into Settings with possibility to change Toggles order
  • Call Recording
  • Multiwindow Hack is available for unlimited apps
  • Ink Effect Mod
  • Dedicated app to change INK Effect Colours (thanks to mythtrandyr)
  • SNote work also with productivity tools
  • Airview Fix Available
  • Airview in Gallery
  • Added S-Voice
  • Added new Android 4.2 keyboard
  • Added some utilities on settings
  • …and more to come!

How to Flash Video here!

Thanks to hamdogg and exploregadgets

How to flash:

Nandroid Backup before flash is highly recommended!

  • Load *.zip on your SD/EXT Card
  • Restart in CWM
  • Be sure you’re on SAFE KERNEL, then you can wipe
  • Full wipe /data/factory reset /cache and dalvik
  • Format /data /system and /preload
  • Flash the ROM
  • Wait some minute until your phone boot!

For people who have Unrooted phone and ICS 4.0.4:

I can show an easy way to flash it.

Just download GL_NOTECORE_HYDRACORE_v4-3b_STD.tar

  • Flash it with Odin 1.85, (Click PDA, choose hydracore and press Start)
  • After this you will have Root on your phone. Restart it and check if Hydracore Kernel is correctly installed.
  • Now you can go into CWM and flash the Rom.

(to go in recovery press Volume UP + Power Button + Home Button at same time until the phone is booted into CWM)

The kernel you’re flashing before installing Rom doesn’t matter since with v4 will be replaced by PhilZ 3.1 for XXLS7

…That’s all!

Screenshots Here!

If you like my work you can offer me a beer!

Videos Here!

Thanks to hamdogg for new review about XXLSZ Version 5.2!

That’s all.

All feedback are appreciated.

If you like my work you can offer me a beer!


Thanks to

All Donators!

hamdogg for Videos
mythtrandyr for INK effect colour choose app
Philz for his Safe Kernel
Bangsti for Mirrors

Suggestion to who want to support with donations:

UpdateMe OTA app that I included on my ROM isn’t developed by me so all donation trought it on Configuration section on the bottom of updateme aren’t sent to me.

  • Donation will arrive to me ONLY if you go on ROM section on the top of UpdateMe on:
    • Donate to ROM Creator (where the rom updates will usually display)
    • or my signature in the forum
    • or my blog page.

  • I suggest to all who want support with donations to do it trought XDA or this blog page and NOT on UpdateMe!

Official XDA Thread!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/xeiroz Ibrahim Abdullah

    How can I change default SMS and contact app to CM10 style.

  • Sokhemarak

    What about Smart rotation?

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    WHY CYAN??? :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/pradeepkumar800 Pradeep Kumar

    Hello, i was on Stock 4.0.4 and then installed ultimate5.1 using hydracore method.It is amazing and super rom now i want to upgrade to 5.2.How do i do that without loosing all of the app data.I have bad battery life, do i need to change the kernel.Please guide me step by step.Thankyou.

  • mrkhairilanuar

    is there any OTA package that I can download and flash via CWM? I’m coming from Ultimate Rom 5.1 (XXLSC)

  • Gibi

    Can i use ics unroot method for unroot official XXLSZ jb rom? thank u…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000005246928 Viorel Iordache


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  • ansh

    y u no release ota updatesfor 5.2! :-P

  • davidesatta

    With this rom I can’t use PHOTOSHOP TOUCH FOR PHONE , can you fix it?

  • taka

    how I can install this rom from official 4.1.2 rom from samsung?

  • osman

    With this rom I can’t use PHOTOSHOP TOUCH FOR PHONE , can you fix it?

  • Ankush

    I flashed v5.2 but there wasn’t any 4.2 Camera on the app screen. Any solutions? Photosphere was one of the reasons i chose Ultimate JB ROM. Help Please.

  • Sanchit

    awesome rom…..i admire it….

  • Sanchit Jain

    My reason for rooting is photosphere plz provide this feature in your next update thanks in advance

  • Afzart

    The link u provide is unavailable..

  • Nitrouz

    Im no programmer but i sure wish you could update this more often.
    I love the ROM…just want a more stable system.
    Many Thanks from Sweden

  • Dori

    Hi guys

    I installed Ultimate_N7000_LSZ_JB_4.1.2_v5.2 ROM and it was perfect for the 1st day then I realized that my phone keep restarting on its own when the screen is off,sometimes at 30 mins interval or even more.the phone don’t show the boot screens.the screen will always be off when this happens.I also noticed that this doesn’t happen when my phone is charging

    another problem I’m facing is at times when i try to unlock my phone it stays black for a while until it can respond

    a third problem is when I unlock my phone it will show in the status bar the message “sd card was removed unexpectedly” and then say “preparing sd card” .then it won’t show the contents either in the gallery or the music player but I can still access them from file explorer

    sometimes when it restarts i get a code on the status bar instead of the service provider (pic provided)

    before I installed this Rom I was on official JB UAE version which I flashed using Odin and then I rooted my phone using PhilZ-cwm6-JPLSB-UAE-4.89.4

    I wiped everything before installing it,Full wipe /data/factory reset /cache and dalvik.Format /data /system and /preload

    please help me urgently

  • satven21

    Need a help i returned to XXLSZ from XXLT4….now device keeps restarting while taking calls. It was a clean install all wipes done, philz installed, but phone everyday randomly keeps restarting. Happens usually while watching a movie or taking call. Urgent help required.

  • redx888

    With this rom I can’t use PHOTOSHOP TOUCH FOR PHONE , can you fix it?

  • stanleyhunk

    hi, this is a nice rom, found that there is no Chinese language, got any way to install chinese pack?

  • John

    I hope I get a answer I recorded a call but where is the files saved

  • John

    I can’t support this rom if there is no replies to questions