Ultimate N7000 JellyBean ROM XXLT4

Hello everyone!

[ROM][4.1.2 JB]Ultimate N7000 XXLT4 JellyBean 4.1.2 v6 | OTA Jelly Bean Update [latest android rom]

The new XXLT4 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) is finally out.
Latest Android ROM with new Android Jelly Bean features, mods, fix and addons!
Just read the new Changelog below!

How to update jelly bean android
All info below!

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Do not send donations via UpdateMe app.

Version 6 is OUT!
New XXLT4!

[Android ROM Download] Link v6:

Mirror 1

Ultimate N7000 XXLT4 JellyBean 4.1.2 v6 – Sourceforge



Android Update New – OTA Updates (Fix, Mods, Apps and more)!

Just open UpdateMe into your v6 ROM and you will find section for:
  • Applications
  • Fix and Mods
  • Kernels
  • Modems
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers

OTA Updates v6: [UPDATED 15/05/2013]

  • Added CRT Animation FIX
  • Previous bug: turning OFF the screen it went ON back

  • Added new Kernel SpeedMod N7000 Jelly Bean [K5-5 CWM CIFS ROOT / NO-ROOT] Thanks to hardcore
  • SpeedMod’s core features are:

    - Super stable: No undervolting, overclocking or potentially unstable modifications
    - Fast and smooth: Compiler and code optimizations
    - Excellent battery life: Remove unecessary logging and debugging

  • Disable CRT Off Animation
  • Enable CRT Off Animation
  • SystemUI Soft Themed Cyan with Circle Battery
  • SystemUI Stock
  • Galaxy S4 Downloadable Wallpapers
  • GMail 4.2 App

New Changelog v6: [UPDATED 26/04/2013]

  • ROM Based on NEW XXLT4 Firmware
  • NEW PhilZ-cwm6 v4.93.6 with CWM based recovery Touch and exFAT Support – Fixed for bootloop
  • NEW Modem XXLT3
  • Updates Over The Air – OTA UpdateMe added on Settings
  • Jelly Bean 4.1.2
  • SuperSU Added
  • Fully Rooted
  • Fully Zipaligned
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Deleted some useless apps
  • Added and fixed some more Build.prop tweaks for better optimization, battery life, 3G signal and network, camera, media and more…
  • Added some more init.d optimizations
  • Switched to MTP instead of Mass Storage, you can also use Mass Storage
  • CRT OFF Animation added
  • Ultimate 4 Way Reboot Options for XXLT4 (just long press power button and decide what you want to do)
  • Fully working Lockscreen Shortcuts (thanks to eybee1970)
  • Notification Panel into Settings with possibility to change Toggles order
  • Call Recording and No ascending ringtone
  • Multiwindow Hack is available for unlimited apps
  • SMS Hack
  • SmartRotation and SmartStay Enabled
  • Ink Effect Mod
  • Dedicated app to change INK Effect Colours integrated in Settings
  • SNote work also with productivity tools
  • Airview Fix Available
  • Airview in Gallery
  • Airview works on video player too
  • Added working Galaxy S4 S-Voice
  • Added new Android 4.2 keyboard
  • Added some utilities on settings as always
  • …and more and more! Just check it out!

Screenshots Here!

Click to enlarge and slideshow!

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How to Flash Video here!

Thanks to hamdogg and exploregadgets

How to flash:

Nandroid Backup before flash is highly recommended!

  • Load *.zip on your SD/EXT Card
  • Restart in CWM
  • Be sure you’re on SAFE KERNEL, then you can wipe
  • Full wipe /data/factory reset /cache and dalvik
  • Format /data /system and /preload
  • Flash the ROM
  • Wait some minute until your phone boot!

For people who have Unrooted phone and ICS 4.0.4:

I can show an easy way to flash it.

Just download GL_NOTECORE_HYDRACORE_v4-3b_STD.tar

  • Flash it with Odin 1.85, (Click PDA, choose hydracore and press Start)
  • After this you will have Root on your phone. Restart it and check if Hydracore Kernel is correctly installed.
  • Now you can go into CWM and flash the Rom.

(to go in recovery press Volume UP + Power Button + Home Button at same time until the phone is booted into CWM)

The kernel you’re flashing before installing Rom doesn’t matter since with v4 will be replaced by PhilZ 3.1 for XXLS7

…That’s all!

Videos Here!

Thanks to hamdogg for review!

That’s all.

All feedback are appreciated.

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Thanks to

All Donators!

hamdogg for Videos
mythtrandyr for INK effect colour choose app
Philz for his Safe Kernel
Bangsti for Mirrors

Suggestion to who want to support with donations:

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  • Wieczny

    Do I have to wipe when using 5.2 version? Or just update?

    • iGeekHD

      You have to full wipe to have full functional ROM.

    • androidsrc.com

      works fine here with just wiping cache

  • Emilio

    La miglior ROM che abbiamo usato sul mio N7000. Ricca di funzionalità e pienamente performente. Anche la scelt del kernel è ottina. Un lavoro egregio.

    • iGeekHD

      Grazie :D

    • Emilio

      Solo djue bug che non avevo notato:
      l’applciazione messaggi e le chiamate restano in lingua inglese anche impsotando la lingua italiana e s-voice mi dà
      un errore di rete

      • iGeekHD

        Per S-Voice puoi risolvere scaricandoti la versione normale e non del Galaxy S4 da UpdateMe nella sezione Applications. Io uso il Note in lingua inglese (USA) quindi non ho notato che sia in messaggi che chiamate rimane in lingua inglese.

  • Michael

    I’m using v5.2 and I’m loving it..there are no errors or bugs whatsoever. I want to know do I have to do full wipe to flash v6? Or I can flash without wipe.

  • Satven

    i already had Ultimate jelly bean 5 v and downloaded 6 through OTA. Do i still need to format/ clear dalvik/etc., or can I just install it from SD card.

  • Arun

    Lot of Lagging, after some time
    reboots :( :( :(

  • Jaba

    Great Work ! No problem to install but S voice starts and then Network Error…checked update but don’t understand “push under / preload partition overwriting S-Voice from Galaxy S4 and set permission”. How do I do that please ??!! I’m not a total Noob but some step by step instructions would be immensely appreciated..! Thanks in advance for me and all the other quasi-noobs…

  • Jaba

    Hello Again…

    Deactivated S-Voice, put apk onto internal sd card, installed, restart, re-activated S-Voice, and exactly the same : Network Error and no recording of commands…???? Any ideas ??? Thanks in adavance…

  • http://twitter.com/GoriMihai Mihai Gori

    scusate … mi è sempre piaciuta la vostra rom … ma c’era una cosa che mi dava veramente il nervoso ….. il menù delle opzioni aggiuntive non si può rimuovere o al massimo trasformarlo in un’unica opzione che poi aperta le ripropone? vi prego aiutatemi

  • Rainer Mueller

    Please Hack Volume !!!!!

  • Talminha Almeida

    Hi, I done that yesterday, but it has some bugs: The language I chose is Portuguese (Br) but some apps are still in english (messaging, dialling..) and the front buttons aren’t lighting more… Sorry my poor english please. Could you help about these things?

    • Talminha Almeida

      I tried one more time but the issue with the language persists… For now, I am using v5.2 again.

      • phil

        same problem with czech language..from 5.2 to 6..

  • can

    thanks for the rom. but the phone restarts sometime.what’s the problem?

  • http://www.lastfm.pl/user/gasz Artur Pietkiewicz

    THANK YOU! I love this rom. Had Alliance rom earlier but it was soo laggy comparing to this extra-fast rom. Gr8 job :)

  • cobaltoindigo

    i did a downgrade to v 5.2 becase v6.0 becomes too laggy, Svoice did not work and finally the phone get frozen. i tried to re install doing a wipe data factory reset & formating all partition but i had the same results. Once Svoice is activated by first time, the phone starts to fail. The phone app is still in english. I hope you find usefull this cuotes for make changes to this release. i did a donation by the way. great job on V5.2

  • Nick

    Hi. My s-voice just keeps complaining that it can’t connect to network. Any help with this would be aweslme thanks

    • iGeekHD

      Check UpdateMe for S-Voice application, under Applications section.
      Just download it and read description to install.

  • Hans

    Hi, I am not able to flash v6 – with or without full wipe. Few seconds after boot screen is visible it takes me back into recovery.

    v5.2 works fine, no problems with flashing or runing.

    Any advice?


  • mufy

    hello, I saw a some error in camera app.
    if I make panorama picture, after that then I change to make normal photo ( and I had 8mpx photo resolution set) camera make picture in lowest resolution 640×480. it don’t back to set resolution 8mpx. So I make many photos with that Fc! resolution. Big fake!

  • samjith

    everything is good..works fine… but In this version i miss notificationbar shine blue color, round battery animation and some other feature which version 5.2 has.. anyway to get back what i missing in this version?..

  • samjith

    please integrate a color changer for notification bar in the next version.. bored with this green and linear battery animation…

  • http://www.facebook.com/werewolfkira Williams Tans

    Serious bug..When the Application hang, It wont show “forced close” dialog, instead it just directly Reboot the phone..Please Fix the bug ASAP >< Thanks in Advance

    • Khozema Saifuddin

      hey bro…i was facing same problem…flash speedmod kernel for JB…its workin for me now…still testin but it looks tht it will solve the prblm…:)

  • khozema Saif

    hey bro i flash dis rom yesterday doin all wipes properly frm philz kernal…but frm yesterday it have hanged almost 6-7 times n i have too restart it..can suggest wht too doo..i like dis rom n battery life is gud…waitin for ur reply…thnkz…nice work..:)

    • You Disgust Me

      Please learn how to spell. Let me do you a favor and fix your abomination. It’s disgusting.

      I flashed this rom yesterday and did all of the wipes properly for the PhilZ kernel, but, since yesterday, it has hung at least six or seven times. I had to reboot each time. I don’t know what to do. I like this rom because it has good battery life. I’ll be waiting for your reply. Thanks. Nice work.

  • Luna

    Would it be possible to provide other mirrors? I can’t download anything from sourceforge at all…


  • Monu Agrawala

    flashed with “SystemUI Soft Themed Cyan with Circle Battery” and then lost the notification panel. then i reflashed with the stock theme, yet the notification panel is not there.. I am also not able to access the task manager by long pressing the home button..Please help !!

  • lckamal

    I can’t get lockscreen work. power key also don’t work correctly.

  • sanchit

    the wifi is draining too much BATTERY IN V6 and…..plz provide ui of galaxy s4……..

  • nex

    Hey all,
    I´ll share my experience with all of you so…….

    I have a Galaxy Note 1 (GT-N7000) with XXLRK Kernel.

    Installed last new PhilZ-Kernel XXLRT 3,99V (cause i didn´t found the right one, but doesn´t matter)

    Installed Ultimate Rom V6. (Like the instruction)

    It all works wonderfull.
    No bootloop, no freeze or anything else.

    THX very much

  • loai

    scripts hangs & u gotta hard restart the device in update me .
    nice rom till now thanks :)

  • clive

    hey people please im very desperate i have this rom and i tried to put a theme on through updateme the cyan theme and now when it rebooted it went and said android is upgrading optimizing app number 1out of whatever after that it said starting apps then the phone turns off and gets stuck at the samsung logo please help please please email mee with the solution clivesouleater@gmail.com


    Hello, hope all is good

    I just flashed “Ultimate N7000 LT4 JB 4.1.2 v6″ on my n7000, everything seems fine except my contacts are not showing! While trying to fix the issue, I noticed that the “Contacts app” is not registering the “GOOGLE Accounts” – Any help??

    What i tried:

    01. [Settings>Accounts>Google>MyAccount@Gmail.com>] Checked if my contacts are set to sync, they were. (unchecked, synced, then checked again…)
    02. [Settings>Accounts>Google>MyAccount@Gmail.com>] Remove my Google account then adding it again. Even tried adding a different account.
    03. Removing my Google account, then adding it through [Contacts>Accounts>Add Account] and here is when i noticed, accounts are NOT getting registered in the Contacts app.
    04. Tried another contacts manager (Contacts+), same issue. I went back to [Contacts>Accounts>Add Account] and here i noticed ONLY GOOGLE accounts are not registering in contacts – the Contacts+, Facebook, whatsapp accounts got registered and their contacts show!
    05. I even tried reflashing the ROM with another GAPPS verion, it didn’t solve the problem.
    06. I flashed the Older ROM “Ultimate_N7000_LSZ_JB_4.1.2_v5.2″ it has the same probelm
    07. Flashed the even older ROM “Ultimate_N7000_LSZ_JB_4.1.2_v5.1″ it doesn’t have that problem!

    Any ideas?

  • irfanabid

    hey man i have this rom for about 15 minutes and it stuck about after 5 minutes or so i don’t know why but then i have to reinsert my battery can you please give me solution for this plz
    and i don’t know why but this rom does not show when i install something from google play i does show that i am downloading something from google play but it does not give me the notification that i have installed something whats wrong i think there are bugs please fix these bugs asap…

  • Bouhlel22

    Thank you for this rom theres some bug in s voice and in outlooking phone with photo and voice
    please update

  • Larry Lai Ho

    Yesterday I flash this rom and it made my phone keep crashing and restart automatically. After I tried many times I think the root cause is my Titanium restore. The crash likely happens only when I restored ALL my backup app (user app only) via Titanium. Now my phone works smoothly : ) Thanks for making Ultimate.

    I found that the S voice function can’t work properly when I try to take photo by voice (i.e. “smile”, “cheese”,etc), wish it could be fixed soon.

    Thanks again.

  • Alphading

    hi, can you teach me how to addin the stock language into your custom rom?
    it would be great if you can addin the chinese language and input.

  • Cristian

    That Rom perfect, but I think that you should put on UpdateMe a theme with black status bar. Someguys miss that … :P

    For the rest things, perfect all.

  • onleon

    J.B. 4.1.2 v6 XXLT4
    SVoice don’t work.
    Phone app and message app are in english (I’m italian)
    Very thanks for your rom, is better than the original for battery life and for manage all apps in multiwindow.

  • Mattias Peter Andersson

    Hi!!! thats are a bug in callsoftware. it are in english wen i use swedish sam with the sms messaging software. can try to look att that

  • Phantom

    i install dis rom yesterday.. what is sms hack feature in dis rom, it will not log any sms in all logs? is it bug or dis u say sms hack????

  • Joshua Raphael

    Hi, I’m using this,and happy with it. However, I have a problme with the CRT off animation. Sometimes, it works, and sometimes it doesn’t . I didn’t flsh with the CRT fix, ’cause I never experienced it turning off, like how it was described.

  • Cris

    A great rom for the n7000…
    Is there any fix which allows starting a new line while writing an email in the Samsung email app?
    When using the 4.2 android keyboard the enter button seems not to work in this app :-(

  • Delboy

    Does it have mhl support? ??

  • steven

    it has a bug when i try to turn off the screen

  • steven

    and s voice says network error . how i fix it?

  • Zack

    Does this LT4 stands for LTE verson or etc ? no right ? it can be on any version which is rooted either LTE or GSM

  • Terry

    Did anyone face the problem that it often freezes the screen when using some apps?